Are Flex Boards Hard to Skog?

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So our last SkogBlog post titled “Whatever Skateboards Design the NEW Skogging Board” generated an interesting question we would like to address

We were asked “are flex boards hard to skog?” The short answer is YES!!! But the whole answer would be this- skogging is hard. At first glance it looks like someone pushing a skateboard. Fact is that pushing both legs while alternating the riders lead leg takes some practice. Factor in carving/pumping using riders “non dominate leg” and you got yourself new style and definitely a new degree of difficulty to say the least.
All that said, now we can get to the heart of the flex. Flex boards do take some getting used to, probably a month for a daily skogger and up to a year for a beginner. The Whatever Skateboards skogging board has multiple wheel base options, the closer to the middle of the board the trucks are mounted the less flex the board has. So you can work your way up to super flex. How you set your board up and the hardware you choose makes a huge difference too. I wedged the front truck and de-wedged the rear truck on my skogging boards. The front truck is turny and the back truck is tight for stability. You want to be able to turn the board one footed, even if the one foot that is on the board is near the back of the board.
Hope this helps. If you have any other questions please email me ( and maybe we can feature your question for the next blog.
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