April Skog Blog – Covid19 Update

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So… The world has um changed a bit ya? Question: What are you going to do about it?
What can you do about it?

Here at we have some answers. The answers we have will answer .0002 % of your questions but to us we believe the questions we can answer will impact your health so that’s cool.

Question: Where can I skog and social distance myself?
Great question. Our answer (IF YOU ARE NOT ordered to remain in your homes) You should get out on the flat ground and start a routine using various skog footwork movements. Then switch it up. Stay active and get your immune system in fight back mode!! Sound good?

Question: Where can I skog and social distance myself if I am ordered to remain in my home 


Greater question! And the one we were itchin to answer!! Drum roll! DDDDDDDDDDDDD China symbol crash!!!! YOUR HOME!! We’ve hinted about this for sometime and really never pulled the trigger. So BANG, you will see a YouTube link right about here ____ click it to watch “How to skog in my home” videos. This will be RAD!! We can promise it will be engaging and show results. Be prepared to get fit and do the work. Also there will be exclusive videos only on Follow link right about here ??

Get a board (fully decked out)and get ready!!
We gunna home school ya skog style!!

Stay safe!!
Get and remain healthy!

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