pedidexterity builds coordination


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  So here we are in some really unknown times!!

Social Distancing seems to be what we are being asked to do.

Here at our prayer is that all ya all do get out and skog!!

You can go with a few friends or go by yourself.

We can ALL agree that the best way to fight any illness is by having a healthy baseline.

What we mean by that is a HEALTHY immune system!!

Skogging equals a healthy immune system.

Now if you are quarantined and you are for some reason unable to go outside, we have the answer.

Set your board down on the ground in your house and do your daily workouts in your home. (Our how to skog in your home videos seem like a good idea now, RIGHT??)

Your health is our main concern!!

Mr. Chris Yandall had a vison when he came up with skogging years ago.

Chris used skogging to zero-in on quality of life – health!!

Stay healthy


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