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Drop down and top mount boards!!

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Hey all, hope you are all Skogging while you are peeping this! Wait… that is a terrible idea! Please do one or the other!!!

What’s the difference between drop and top mounted boards?

Anyway this month we wanted to address the difference between drop and top mounted boards.
The obvious is the drop down on the drop boards. Bam covered the obvious. Now to the meat of the meal. Top mount boards in the Skog discipline are the work horse, the “harder” to ride board. Due to the height of the board to ground ratio. This height difference although not that grand can mean all the difference on major treks. On a 1 to 5 mile skog the height isn’t an issue but once you start pushing 10+ miles you start to feel the top mounts full effect.

Drop down and drop through boards are considered “easier” to push in skog discipline. The lower center is less harsh on the skogger. There is one more aspect to consider on drop boards that adds its own aspect of difficulty. And that is the lifts (the wells where trucks are mounted) these cut down the platform. So your 40” board is now a 34” footwork platform so “easier” to push, ya maybe but less platform is a degree of difficulty all on its own.

What to look for when buying a board???

Figure out what style workout you want.
Do you want a high endurance – full body – balance – core focus workout? If YES then try out some Top mount boards.

If you want a long distance push endurance workout – balance training. Try a Drop down and or drop thru board.
*This all being said, factoring set ups and other odds and ends (another blog idea) in my (Steven Meketa) opinion, drop down boards are my go to board given my age (48) and the distances I skog daily (at least 10 miles)

As stated in a previous skog blog ALL boards can be skogger boards but in OUR opinions longer boards with a walking platform make the best Skoggers and “pintail” and “drop” boards are the go to boards!!

See you all on the concrete!!

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