Skogging in Huntington Beach

Life, Fun, Community our 2020 Vision!!

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Here we are in a new year! 12 more months to get things done! Let’s motivate each other, ya?!

For this piece we want to focus on Master Chris’s Aerobic Fitness Skateboarding plus much more!! This will shed fact on the fact that Skogging is “skateboarding” and much, much, oh much more!! And developing a like minded community around this style! Dig?

So when I (Steven Meketa) first met Chris Yandall, we talked a lot about fitness and the health aspect of skogging. As well as building community. Chris had a vision of people skogging on boardwalks, parks, trails, city streets all over the globe having fun and living a lifestyle that allowed you to have fun with friends while getting a workout. To me that’s the real deal. So how do we get there? My answer is educating the masses about the mighty skog. Get people stoked and riding. So for those of you reading this LET’S DO THIS!!We got a whole new set of downs! (football metaphor in a skogging piece!)


Pretty much the future is in our hands and under our feet. Looks like we just have work to do. Sooooo I am going to ask all ya all to follow our social media platforms, start your own. Share info and spread the word about the Skog!! Let’s get people connected. Let’s get people healthy. Let’s get people Skogging!!

I believe we all have a story to tell and grow this already growing movement. I would have said sport but the Skog is bigger than a sport. It has more heart than a sport.


As always please email if you want to chat!

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