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How is it June already? And why does it still feel like we are all and I do mean ALL in a bad movie? Like a super low budget virus movie! Our answer/comment is pretty much a different question followed by our version of an answer. What can you actually do about it? Not too much except do what is asked of you and adapt and over come. We offer our solution, get out and skog!

Get out and skog! No June gloom!!!


 Ya it sounds kinda cop out ish especially cos we say it daily ?but if you break it down it’s pretty much the best solution. We are locked down and or slowly going back to things. Parks are open, you got a board, get out and push. Get fresh air in your lungs. Get your muscles working for you. I mean you could sit around but where is the fun in that? If you are in your house plopped watching TV, unplop and grab your board, lock the wheels (if need be) and practice your footwork in your house, on the floor as you are watching World of Dance!! Yeah it’s that easy. We can sit and complain about our current situation or the “the New Norm” as everyone with a heart beat refers to it now or you can get motivated and change – better yet – flip the script. ( I mean if we are using catch phrases why not a crusher like flip the script? 


) So if this is the new norm I would imagine it’s up to us to make it 1: Productive 2: Liveable 3: FUN/Joy filled.

So that is our June skog blog! No June Gloom here, just trying to be positive . It’s short n sweet and kinda cop out ish. What can ya do? So then get stoked be stoke we are alive and we are all out Skogging PSA typed type deal spirit lifter! Ya!! No June Gloom here!!

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