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November Skog Blog

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Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio I am well aware of what November brings… WINTER!!!
Cold weather equals hibernation. Cold weather brings a dormant mindset. I now live in Vista,Ca so winter is a less hot second summer. Winter here is just the normal go outside and ride. So before I make everyone in a colder climate feel bad,sad and or mad I will hop n skip to the A HA moment of this here B L O G!!

You do not have lay in wait of spring to get back to your fitness routine. “But Steven Meketa, the author of this B L O G what ever do you mean????” (That was your inner voice 


) Well citizen of the SKOG, what I (Steven Meketa, the author of this B L O G mean is that you can do the SKOG footwork in your house, apartment, condominium, wigwam aka your current domicile.

This concept maybe a little odd in theory but incase ya haven’t noticed we have all been forced to change up our ideas of normal on account of the COVID. So look at Skogging in your above mentioned domicile as the (yep I’m a gunna say it) the new norm.
But let’s dig a little deeper here. Skogging is in theory “skateboarding” when viewing from 30 thousand feet. But dropping to ground level you can get up and close to the breakdown of the Skog. It is in fact jogging on a skateboard!! So if you are in your house jogging in place BAM!! Okay that’s the common core math breakdown now let’s get old school in our arithmetic style. If you can jog in place in your place (see what I did there?) you could do yoga, cardio, karate in place but all on a skateboard. BAM BAM BAM!! And this is where land!! And we want to help!!

Now let’s factor in the uncertainty of the current health state of affairs world wide, no one really knows if your local gym will be open. And even if they are open to get locked into a contract but limited in your ability and accessibility to the gym why not make an investment of $200.00 buy a skog board set up (hit up I know a guy) and get your home/outdoor gym going?
I will stop right here.

More to come…
After all winter seems to last forever