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October Skog Blog!!

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Balance ALL aspects of the term.

Hey semi locked down brothers and sisters of the Skog! We hope you all are A Okay!!

This months skog blog is about balance!

Of course you need balance while Skogging that is a no brainer. We all need balance in every aspect of life though. If you think about it balance and unbalance is all around us all day everyday. The goal is to get more balance than unbalance. So how do we achieve this balance even out thing? We could get all Mr Miyagi here but we should keep it simple. (K.I.S.S.) One could just relax his/her mind. Again apply this to Skogging and in edaily life. That’s the fun and pinpointed way to go to get balance!!

Now as far as balance goes for the mighty skog, practice, practice, practice. We always tell folks who are just getting into the fitness skog, practice on carpet. It sounds odd but the non motion helps you build up balance muscle memory. On carpet one can work on the footwork, balance and confidence before braving the concrete. We highly recommend this practice point.

As always please check in with us. Tell us your progress. And we are all in this together so work on that balance.