Skogging in Huntington Beach


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Hey all you cool Carver’s and Kickers
( if you have not watched Tiger King that lil pun won’t go so well for ya )

Anyway!!! How are we all doing? Healthy? Stoked? We hope you are those and way more!!

This installment we wanted to start off by saying stay and be positive as well as stoked!! We have noticed that as of late people (definitely us included) can be a tad down on things and we want to flip that script. So going forward help us stay on course!! Check us if we go off on the somber side.

Rad rad!! Okay so here we go!

Cruiser boards as Skoggers??!!!

We say YES!! A HUGE YES!! Cruiser boards are the best for Skogging!! The shape and set up for cruiser boards are the foundation of Skogging!! We here at Skogging dot com have gone back to our roots so to speak. We are back on shorter style longboards. Still longboards but not CRAZY long. And we are using the tail more. The thought process is that of CONSTANT MOTION!! So the tail of a board as well as the nose are now playing a HUGE roll in the Skog. From end to end of ones board are hotspots for Skogging. So use the WHOLE board Skogger!!

Let’s say you are out Skogging. Heck let’s say you are in a race. You are rollin, doing great! You see something in your line BAM push the tail down bam the something is under you! Smack you push on the nose of board now that something is 2-4 clicks behind you!! Ya!! You had to go over it and you USED YOUR WHOLE BOARD as well as all you ninja Skogging skills to get it done and gone!! Being pedidextrious means you are in FULL control of your board! Using the whole board to achieve constant motion is a great path forward in the pedidextrious world of skateboarding.

As always send send photos and videos of your progress during your skog sessions. As well as any questions or comments!!


Stay gold!!
Stay healthy.
Remain stoked!!
Keep Skogging!!