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Skateboarding? What is your set up?

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What is your set up?

What works for you may be the best thing, BUT allow us to flip the script a bit!!

Chris Yandall was an all around versatile skater and that versatility carried over to skogging. Chris was a very competitive slalom rider. He set his skogging boards up using a variation of a slalom set up.

Slalom set ups are tight and strict, in my opinion. Chris taught – showed me his skog set up. The trucks are mounted/wedged like a slalom board set up would be. This is a little less strict and more reactive given that most of the boards were a longer wheelbase compared to slalom boards. This set up inadvertently became the standard for Long distance Pump/Push (LDP) boards set-ups.

skateboarding set upSo wedging a board, yeah what?! Here is the deal.

Take an angle wedge riser (your choice angle) and set the front truck (standard kingpin or reverse kingpin RKP) up by using the wedge status quo. The back truck is the important part of this set up without knowing it, Yep it is considered  De-wedging. De-wedge the back truck same as the front truck.

Normally when someone uses an angle wedge set up the back truck is wedged so that the thinner end is facing the tail, using this “slalom” style the thicker end of the angle is now closer to the tail of the board. (See the image)

This set up pushes the kingpin down. Now you will want to tighten back truck so it’s super tight. Almost zero turning ability. You want the back truck “dead”. The front truck is “turny” similar to a car. I wedge all my trucks standard kingpin and RKP (reverse kingpin) this same way. The proof is in the mobility!!? I even wedge and de-wedge my drop down board.

skateboarding set up for skogging

Wedging and de-wedging a board helps ensure stability while pushing and pumping. Wedging and de-wedging add flex to decks.


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