Skogging in Huntington Beach

Skog Blog for July 2020

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Here is your Skog Blog for July 2020

Styles and elements! What styles and elements from other sports and or lifestyles make up the art of the mighty skog? At first glance on can throw out a “Duh, skateboarding” and one would only be a 1% correct, unfortunately.

In life we learn that things are not as the as they seem. Skogging makes the list due to the fact that it is unorthodox. Really unorthodox. Really the skateboard connection is based on the fact it is all performed on a skateboard. But step back and it’s much much more than skateboarding.

Truthfully the Skog has more in common with jogging and karate. It is basically jogging, yoga, dance and karate on a board.

Steven Meketa

Skogging is for everyone!

Skogging is an open door to all! Skaters, yogis, runners, joggers, martial artists, artists you get the drift. Once you learn the footwork the scene is a blank canvas for you to paint in your style and carve your path as you wish!!

Skog for all
And all for skog!!

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