Skogging Pedidexterity

Skog blog for May!!

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Still in quarantine!! Hey we gotta do what we are asked to do. Safety first and what not.

To be honest we were hoping to be back to our normal lives by the time this piece was to come out. Poof we are not. Step by step we are getting closer but all you all have eyes n ears so you know what’s up.

Now for the Skog stuff. We still believe the best medicine is a healthy daily workout. And we know that the Skog is that medicine/workout.

Let’s try something. We are asking you send us videos of all ya all Skogging. Outdoors and or indoors. Show us what you have been up to. Has your motivation kicked in or has it dialed down a bit.

We are stoked that the Mighty Shark Wheel will be releasing a new Pintail Skogging fitness board. (Maybe this will pep your skog step).

So you have your Skogging orders. Videos! Comments! Roll!!

Send to

Stay safe!
And for crying out loud SKOG!!

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