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Ever had one of those thoughts just pop in your head that was the brainwave equivalent to an alarm sound? Well this hopefully helpful monthly Skog Blog deal was mine!! So yeah I received my BAM – AHA moment while doing my daily extremely early (hence why some of my videos are darker than the dark ages) Skogging workout/commute, getting my fitness work in as well as getting to work! And like I said, the alarm it just hits me. “Do a blog!” And Skog Blog just sounds like something that should exist right????

Right on! So here we are true believers and those just tuning in for the first time. Let me break this down for all ya all a bit. I’m an older dude, 47 years old as a matter of fact (as I type this). So the internet is a tool for me but I am not as fast as say someone 10 to 20 years younger than me. For me to talk about Skogging, well, it’s all awesome and beyond stoked to do it but again I’m OLD school so up until now you would have to be in earshot of me!

But me being me, weeks or months later it would hit me “dude!, post something online” Because of the good ole internet we could potentially interact Skog wise while I’m skogging in Southern California and you are skogging in South Korea. I would post a video or something, I’m down with Instagram and Facebook, so in my 47 year old brain that’s cutting edge. However all ya’ll are blogging while I’m out a Skogging. So I finally caught up. I think? Right on!!

Neat story huh? But what exactly do I want out of this and what am I hoping all ya’ll get out of this?

Answer: What is Skogging? Where did it come from? When did it start? Who started it? Why is it good for you/me? Plus a phone book size list of other topics (see my age again, for all those youngsters, a phone book was a list of telephone #s and was the size of a dictionary. Dang it!!! A dictionary is a list of words and their meanings… forget it. What I am rambling on about is this blog will cover a lot of topics stemming from the Skogging lifestyle)!! Stoked you are joining in!!

So peep back to this site monthly!!! Here you can read the ins and outs of the mighty Skog. Feel free to reach back regularly. We will be here for you!! Also plan on growing Team Skog!! But that will be covered next month!! Stay tuned!!

See ya on the concrete!! ???

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