Skogging in Huntington Beach


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Here we are! The first real deal Skog Blog!!

This months Skog topics will be the what’s the what with the Skog? Annnnd… Team Skog and YOU!!!

First up: The what’s the what?!!

Peeps see Skogging as JUST skateboarding or moreover JUST pushing a skateboard. But those who have tried it know that there is waaaaaay more to it! Skogging is a fun way, a great way, to get fit – stay healthy while cruising, carving, pushing around. But the underlying deal… aka the real deal, the Skog is a total retrain of the brain!! Ya say it again… retrain of the brain.

Check this, try to write your name with your other hand. If you are right handed write with left. Left handed try writing right. Now get comfortable writing fluently with both. Write a sentence with one hand and finish with the other. Write a word with one hand then another with other hand. It’s called being Ambidextrous.

Do this exercise with your legs and feet! Push one leg then the next push with the other using ever inch of your board. (Next blog We will get into the health and science of this style of pushing.  With facts and testimonials. Okay back to the goods) Write a sentence using this formula style with your feet!! That’s Skogging!


Now you have the theory of Skogging. Put this theory into a lab-like training tactic. Start slowly and mindfully, based on your skateboarding ability. Skogging may look rudimentary but it so isn’t. Just like anything, the Skog takes practice! I often tell peeps to practice on carpet. But if you are anythang like me you won’t heed the warning. Consequently, you’ll try Skogging your first time on concrete and end up bruising your coccyx like Napoleon Dynamites Grandma. Seriously being cool is cool, by why get hurt?

Next up is Team Skog!!

What is Team Skog you ask? The team is you and your stoke to share the stoke of the Skog as well as We want to celebrate you! We want all ya’ll to be apart of our community of like-minded, healthy, fit,speed andendurance junkies!!

So when ya are ready email your name, age, location  and a bio about yourself to to be added to the Team Skog page on site. Now that you are an official team member you will have first hand knowledge of events and training. Also once ready you can set up events and trainings in your area and the site will be your Skog stop! Basically and electronic meet up deal!

What’s better than growing a community of rad peeps? Join Team Skog!!

Skog it up!!
See ya all terra firma  in the concrete jungle!!

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