What is the proper board for Skogging?

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What is the proper board for Skogging?

We get asked the same two questions almost in the same order regularly.
What is Skogging? (Hopefully we done did answered that for ya) And… What is the proper board for Skogging? Bam and a bam. 1 and 2

pedidexterityAs stated we hope we covered the first question!! Here’s the attempted at second question!!
Short answer would be any board would make a good Skogging board. Now let’s dig deeper shall we?!
Say you wanted to refurbish your entire home. You gathered all the building materials needed. Footnote let’s for argument sake add in that you have been doing carpentry for a good chunk of your life and you know what you are doing) (Cool back to the metaphor. )With all you materials you only have a hammer. Cool tool but not the only one you will need. The same can be said about skateboard disciplines. One board can just about get the job done. However!! The right tool for the job is something you just learn no matter what the job is. For Skogging the right tool is board that has a nice sized platform for the Skog footwork. I personally push a boards from 36” long to 45” long. Width of the board plays a significant roll too. I use 9.5” to 10.” wide. I dig flex cause I’m an older dude and I dig the scary harry feeling of being on a slack line with wheels. Degree of difficulty is sky high. So wear a helmet

Lately I have been rotating from my top mount Skogger to my drop down Skogger. Both are signature models released by the amazing Shark Wheel ?

So this is all well and dandy huh but… What’s the job requiring the right tool??????
Now that’s thinking like a skateboarder but… if you are reading this you are a Skogger!! Same same but different than a “skater” Skoggers are fitness oriented riders. That being said, the job is fitness. So back to the bullet point of this here electronic dossier. Top mount boards give the rider a better core workout. Especially if the trucks are raised with risers. Top mounts force the rider to step up every push/jog. (*Note there will be YouTube – Social Media posts on using top mount board in your home or office as a workout tool).

Drop boards are straight rippers. I liken them to the cycles that street cyclists use. (You know, those pesky Tour De France cats on the streets) Drop boards are for getting there. I use drops in marathons. Drops are Indy cars for skoggers!!?

So that’s the bare bones about proper boards for skogging. We hope this was some science for you and yours because you can’t argue with science.

Any question. Comments. Concerns.
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Until next time see you on the streets.
Stay fit. Stay healthy
Keep skogging!!
God bless you!!
Thank God for Chris Yandall!!