hardy_pic450[1]Here’s the bottom line of what it’s all about. It’s about being pedidextrous in leg movement to push a skateboard. The ease of transition from one side of the body when done properly where both legs alternate in similar fashion to push the skateboard forward can promote a euphoric feeling of tingling balance sensations. A gliding sensation similar to a surfboard ride or a rollerskating carve on transition. And it can be felt from the transition of energy required for alternating the push from one side of the body to the other. Basketball players need to dribble. Similarly, Skogging is a foundational skateboarding technique. It promotes the use of switch kick and stance for riding. Pushing with alternating legs is logical. Skogging is more of a rolling movement without tricks and is not all about going the fastest. It’s truly the art of jogging with one’s skateboard.

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Oldie but goodie by John Galac

Featured Skogger, Steve Meketa

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