Ambassador of SKOG for Sk8Kings Skateboards

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Steven is also the Ambassador of SKOG for Sk8Kings Skateboards. As ambassador Steven helps spread the STOKE that the KINGS started years ago. Distance Endurance Xross country!!!   Steven pushes his Chris  Yandall skog board and promotes SKOGGING Yandall Style

Oust Bearings Supports Skogging

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DISSENT LONGBOARDS are manufactured by OUST Composites starting with a blend of USA made High Performance Aerospace Carbon fiber, high tensile strength Epoxy resins, and a high strength super flexible prepreg inner core. The outer skins are AAAAA musical grade … Continued

Tracker Trucks Supports Skogging!

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Back in 1975, the Tracker Fultrack was the first truck in history made specifically for skateboarding by skateboarders to incorporate high quality, performance and strength. Trackers truly were (and still are) the Trucks You Can Trust. On Tracker’s 40th anniversary, … Continued

Vuka Supports Skogging!

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Check out our new supporter – VUKA! WHY VUKA The crazy beautiful. The unexpected. The wild. And the bold. Drive and determination. Passion and compassion. We created VUKA for the thinkers and the doers. And the dreamers and the seekers. … Continued

Are Flex Boards Hard to Skog?

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So our last SkogBlog post titled “Whatever Skateboards Design the NEW Skogging Board” generated an interesting question we would like to address We were asked “are flex boards hard to skog?” The short answer is YES!!! But the whole answer would … Continued

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