August Skog Blog

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Hey Team!!  Better late than never ya? Well it seems like we are kinda getting back normal? Who are we kidding? Things are still off. At least it’s Summer and we can all get out and skog! Send us pics and videos … Continued

Skog Blog for July 2020

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Here is your Skog Blog for July 2020 Styles and elements! What styles and elements from other sports and or lifestyles make up the art of the mighty skog? At first glance on can throw out a “Duh, skateboarding” and … Continued

No June Gloom Skog Blog!!

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How is it June already? And why does it still feel like we are all and I do mean ALL in a bad movie? Like a super low budget virus movie! Our answer/comment is pretty much a different question followed … Continued

Skog blog for May!!

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Still in quarantine!! Hey we gotta do what we are asked to do. Safety first and what not. To be honest we were hoping to be back to our normal lives by the time this piece was to come out. … Continued

New Skogging Board

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Skogging  It’s about being pedidextrous in leg movement to push a skateboard. The ease of transition from one side of the body when done properly where both legs alternate in similar fashion to push the skateboard forward can promote a … Continued


posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Public Service Announcement   So here we are in some really unknown times!! Social Distancing seems to be what we are being asked to do. Here at our prayer is that all ya all do get out and skog!! You … Continued

Drop down and top mount boards!!

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Hey all, hope you are all Skogging while you are peeping this! Wait… that is a terrible idea! Please do one or the other!!! What’s the difference between drop and top mounted boards? Anyway this month we wanted to address … Continued